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artist statement

Words, symbols, composition and colour are interchangeable in my artistic process. I can feel the same emotional response from an idea expressed as a poem as I do from an image, colour or even sound or dance. Coming from a musical background and writing lyrics, poetry has always been a natural part of my practice and incorporating words into my art is as fluid and instinctual as a brush stroke. My letters are hand painted or stenciled from hand painted which gives each a unique nuance and overall feel. As a visual element of the piece, much like any other object or representational construct - words form part of the composition and carry meaning beyond the literary sense.

My work is about the human experience, both personal and collective. I want it to both address and describe whatever subject I'm called to - emotions, events, dramas, romance and dreams that we have as individuals but also share as a conscious whole. I think of words as a powerful medium to describe these subjects and it’s about expression, connection and the exchange between the viewer and the experience THEY bring to the piece that bring the words to life and give my work meaning.

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