Dd Regalo. ARTIST 




Who are you? I'm a kid with a dream that grew up and didn't let it go. I call myself an artist. That's the short version.

Where are you from? Calgary, Canada.


Why the name Dd? Dd stands for Danny Darko. Regalo is my middle name.


What made you decide to become an artist? I was a musician for a long time. The transition came during a low point when I needed a break from music and started expressing my ideas in drawings. When I started painting I used the same process of translating emotions into an art form. Instead of words and melody they were shapes and colours.


What's your style? I like it messy. Raw. A little loose around the edges. I like my art to say something with the texture and the way it works with the colours in a specific part of a piece. 


What do you paint? I paint a lot of things. I don't often do the same painting twice so I'm always looking for inspiration. I draw a lot from people, emotions, places, and animals. My subjects are usually filtered through an idea or feeling I have and also that the subject itself gives me.




What's your artistic process? I usually start off with some source that gives me an idea. The source could be my own thoughts, an object, a person, an area..etc. Then I start laying down loose outlines and colors. At this point its like a brainstorming session. I put down everything that comes to my head and I try not to filter it too much. Next I build layers, taking away sections I don't like and replacing them with new ideas. I do this so many times that my original idea ends up transformed into something completely different. I like that about making art. 


What's your favorite aspect of art? Freedom. There are no rules. No guidelines. No benchmarks. Just you and an idea.


Canada isn't known as a big player in the international art scene. What do you think the Canadian scene has to offer? I'm proud to be Canadian. I think I'm lucky to be from such a great place. We're a new country and we don't have the population to support extensive fine art markets but I feel like our seperation offers an advantage as well. Canada is open. Open to change, open to new ideas, being open brings great potential. People are starting to support and look to the arts to bring entertainment, beauty, and meaning to their lives.


You're well travelled. Where have you been and how has that

influenced your art? My parents immigrated to Canada from Portugal

before I was born so I've been back to visit my exteneded family a lot.

The fact that I've always had a sense of two countries I call home has

inspired me to travel and explore more of the world. I've been through

the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Western Europe, Australia,

Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, and I just returned from China where

I lived the past year. Travelling has expanded the realm of what I think

is possible. Everytime you see a new place and meet new people, you

become a different person yourself. You adapt according to your

surroundings and I love that travelling gives me the opportunity to

access a part of life I never knew existed. Artistically, I've started using

new materials, new sources of inspiration, and new approaches to



What do you like to do other than art? I skateboarded since I was a kid I love extreme sports. I used to be heavy into freeskiing. Since then I'm always looking for something dangerous to do. I've gotten into surfing recently. I love the challenge of doing something you're afraid to do and overcoming that fear.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years? I want to explore different ways of producing my art to make it more accessible and useful to people in their daily lives. Art isn't something displayed in the confines of white walls. I've always been interested in fashion and I think the fashion and art worlds have always been hand in hand. I'm also working on combining music and visual arts together in an attempt to give sound and voice to visual art works. It's all about growth. I never would have guessed that I'd be where I am today and that's the way I like it.


Last Words? Keep looking for the search.



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