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LOST AND FOUND [Find Yourself and Get Lost]


DATES            07 - 06 Oct 2017


LOCATION    Quaker Street Café

                        10 Quaker Street
                        E1 6SZ


“I like it messy, raw and loose around the edges.” - Dd


This is a story about finding meaning in the everyday. It’s a story about all of us…everyone…and at the same time the story is unique to each person. It’s about finding the elements that bring meaning along the way and in doing so focusing your purpose. All of the works in this show are originals and were made from reclaimed objects and materials, some found on the streets, continuing their journey as it crosses with others.


Experience this journey through art with Dd Regalo (@ddregalo) this September at Quaker Street Cafe and don’t miss the PREVIEW NIGHT // Thursday 07 September // 7-10pm @ Quaker Street Café in Shoreditch with live music by Frederico Marton.

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Working primarily in painting and mixed media, Dd’s art is known for its expressive marks, poetic scrawling and loose composition. Inspired by the human experience, both physical and abstract, his paintings are like short stories about his subjects leaving traces of both physical and emotional experience.


Dd Regalo has lived and worked internationally including Australia, China, USA, UK and his native country Canada. Mostly recently in April, his work was sold at Christie’s London for THE AUCTION charity fundraiser with Terrence Higgins Trust raising funds for sexual health in the UK.




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ArteMea Advisory

Lost and Found
Luxury Placebo (2017)
The Untold DJ (2017)
Lost and Found Installation View 1
Invisible Lines (2017)
Lost and Found Installation View 2
I Wish You Knew (2017)
Love For Love (2017)
Sempre (2017)
Wild Child (2017)
Lost and Found Installation View 3
Ing Life (2017)
Feel Your Feeling (2017)
Crayola 8 Pack - Blue (2016)
Find Yourself (2017)
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