OXO TOWER RESTAURANT // Horizons and Storms

DATES           Jun - Aug 2017


LOCATION    OXO Tower Restaurant

                       Oxo Tower Wharf
                       Bargehouse Street
                       South Bank
                       London SE1 9PH


A new exhibition curated by OXO and ArteMea Advisory has appeared on the OXO Tower Restaurant walls. This collection of nine abstract paintings by Canadian artist Dd Regalo is inspired by the movement and intensity of coastal landscapes and creates a vivid contrast to the cityscape surrounding OXO.


Working primarily in painting and mixed media, Dd’s art is known for its expressive gestural marks, texture and powerful compositions. Since moving to London in 2014, his work has appeared in numerous collective exhibitions, as well as a solo pop-up show at Andipa Gallery in Knightsbridge.

Instead of creating traditional representational landscapes, Dd re-interprets the subject as an emotional landscape, which turns the focus inward and more abstract. The varying textures, colours, lines and marks form an intricate web of thoughts, feelings and emotions that we carry through life. As life is rarely cut and dry, the landscapes we manoeuvre carry many complexities.

For further information about the artworks and sales enquiries please contact Laura Pivetta - laura@artemeaadvisory.com.


Read more about the exhibition on the OXO Tower website.

This We Will Never Know... (2017)
This Is What It Could Be Like...
The Places We Will Go... (2017)
Storm - Thorns (2017)
Storm - Rave (2017)
Storm - Lips (2017)
Storm - Riddle (2017)
Storm - Reaching (2017)
The Lines Between Us (2017)
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