Dd Regalo x Rumble House // Reflections 14

December 11, 2014

Showing December 10 - 15 2014

1136 8 Ave SW  Calgary, AB, CANADA


We are all looking. The question is what are we looking for? The answer isn’t always clear. And it changes. Sometimes it’s our environment that changes, and sometimes it's ourselves that change. So where are we going, in a journey where our final destination is always changing? The answer is we’ve already arrived. The journey is the destination and the point is to keep looking.




The works chosen for this exhibition represent a journey. And like all journeys, they represent the sunny days along with the dark nights, the pride of achievements and the despair of failure. My process is a lot like a journey in itself. I often start with a general direction but the details are vague. Ideas, like different paths, are the decisions and directions that lead me to the final destination: the visual imprint of my emotions, experiences, and way of life.



Travelling has always been an important part of my journey. The value I gain from my experiences abroad provide the inspiration for the growth and development of my art and myself. I recently spent 1 year living in China and this impacted my use of media and colours. In the large 28 million person city in which I lived, I used more vibrant colours to contrast with the browns and greys of the buildings. I also discovered new paints and application techniques that further enhanced the possibilities of my work.


These are my reds, my blacks, my whites...These are strokes of joy and celebration among hues of sorrow and death. And we die many deaths before the one we won’t come back to life from. We all have a journey, and the final destination is this exact moment. DdRegalo.com


                        Rumble House founder Rich Theroux addresses the people.



                       Inspired by a friend's adventures in California, I decided to give these three pieces away

                       to three people in exchange for charitable donations / actions including a promise to give

                       a warm sweater to a needing person on a cold day.


                        Three of YYC's best. With artists Bruce Robertson and Enriquito. 





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