Dd Regalo x Camp Brand Goods x Coutu Kitsch

December 23, 2014

A good friend of mine once said, “if you want to see it, support it.” Sounds simple, but nowadays it’s way too easy to find yourself grabbing a quick bite or a fast this or that from the “big guys”. I’m guilty of it, red handed. Of course, it’s not all bad, but I’m not sure I want to be swallowed by that wave entirely just yet.


In a time where everything is mass produced for a mass-market economy it’s hard to compete with low-cost solutions to high-rising needs. But where does the individual stand in a conveyor belt society? Where’s the “me” among aisles stacked with “them”?


I recently visited The Livery Shop in Inglewood, Calgary, AB, and I was comforted with an environment that felt like somebody’s house…except I could buy cool things that are as different from each other as I am different to the person next to me.


The idea is simple. Individualized, high quality local goods by people that breathe the same fresh air as us. It’s actually two companies, (really just a bunch of friends), that came together to share their passions and creations with the world. They are Camp Brand Goods and Coutu Kitsch. Now I’m not going to blab about them here (you can check their sites for that - links below) but I will say that both are unique in their design and product, and provide us with a sunny alternative to the shadows of mass commercial industry.


With the help of my friend and talented photographer Morgan Worth, I met the owners and they were cool enough to let us set up my art on location (during store hours) to take a couple shots. I walked away with some dope pics, new friends, and a couple items that say “you can’t buy this everywhere…this is me.”


Big shout out to Connor (campbrandgoods.com / @campbrandgoods), Dorian and Kofi (coutukitsch.com / @coutukitsch), and to Morgan Worth (worthmor.wix.com/photo / @worth_y) for hooking up the whole thing and for killing the shots! DdRegalo.com



Lounging at The Livery Shop in Inglewood, YYC. Photo: Morgan Worth




                           Canada Style. Photo: Morgan Worth



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